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The Bicycle Industry has a significant place in the development of light engineering industry in India. The origin of this industry can be traced back to 1910 when two small scale units were established in Calcutta. The industry, however did not make much headway because of the availability of imported bicycles. Actual development of bicycle industry started during the second world war when the import of bicycle plant at Bombay. In Punjab few units like charka & Co. of M/s Bhogal Sons started the manufacture of bicycle parts and accessories for the replacement market.

Systematic growth of bicycle industry began only after independence of India. The political freedom, planning era and encouragement by Govt. to domestic economy made the Indian Bicycle industry to grow by leaps and bounds. in the year 1949 two important large scale units were set up  with foreign collaborations. Sen Raleigh Industries of India started production at Asansol in collaboration with Raleigh Group of England. The  T.I. Cycle of India started production at Ambattur near Madras in collaboration with Tube Investment U.K  



Based on survey conducted by Indian Institute of Public Opinion, per capita consumption of bicycle will rise to once cycle for every 10 persons in the year 2000 AD. So the projected requirement is of 200 million cycles by the end of 2000 AD.

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